A family run entity since 1981, Weera Industries began building a foundation of fabric label printing with one machine and two employees.


Certified as ecologically safe labels, Weera Industries has been awarded the Compliance Certificate OEKO-TEX Standard 100 annually since 2003 .....

Our Philosophy

Manned by a team of experienced and loyal professionals, Weera Industries ensures that their manufacture meets or exceeds customer quality requirements at all times.



Tagless / Pad Printing


A 2015 introduction with the latest machines and training tools available, going tagless is a win-win situation in B2C relationships. For our clients, this includes significant cost savings and for their end consumer,


Tagless / Pad Printing

Pre-Press Solutions

      • Graphic Designing
      • Scanning and Image Editing
      • Colour Correction
      • Book Planning
      • Step and Repeat
      • Film Output
      • Computer to Plate
Pre-Press Solutions



Apparel labels are an essential role in today’s supply chain. Not only do they promote brand recognition, communicate important consumer information such as size and care instructions, but they also help protect against theft and counterfeiting.



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How do I order?

Contact US Orders can e-mailed or faxed to (labels@weera-ind.com) or (++94 11) 2788724) respectively. There is no minimum order quantity, but the price will be calculated based on the quantity.