About Us

About Us



A family run entity since 1981, Weera Industries began building a foundation of fabric label printing with one machine and two employees. With humble beginnings at a stair room of a textile shop in Colombo 11, Weera Industries has now diversified into pre-press and pad printing as well.

Renowned for its quick turnaround times for producing 600000-700000 lables per day at full capacity and flexible and customisable packaging, Weera Industries is on a mission to conduct all transactions in a fair and ethical manner and in good faith with due respect to customers, suppliers and competitors.

With its top management involved in the production process right from the inception of conceptualising design and artwork right up until the final product is delivered to the customer, Weera Industries is determined to provide its client base with a product that is of better or best quality available in the market.



Certified as ecologically safe labels, Weera Industries has been awarded the Compliance Certificate OEKO-TEX Standard 100 annually since 2003 that is an indication of the company’s responsibility towards manufacturing human-ecologically safe labels.


Our Philosophy

Manned by a team of experienced and loyal professionals, Weera Industries ensures that their manufacture meets or exceeds customer quality requirements at all times. With its roots grounded in a strong foundation of supportive family members whose untiring efforts have contributed towards the growth and expansion, we believe that our key team players, our employees too should grow with us and hence are always on the lookout for their career development prospects. Our fundamentals are also strong in caring for and maintaining the environment and our responsibility towards it.