Label Manufacturing

About Label Manufacturing

Apparel labels are an essential part in today’s supply chain. Not only do they promote brand recognition, communicate important consumer information such as size and care instructions, but they also help protect against theft and counterfeiting.

The complete process of design to finishing takes place under one roof assuring that the whole production is under observation of the QA team at different levels. With the achievement of the OEKO-TEX standard 100, we offer human ecological safe textiles for our product range.

With 9 printing machines of different capabilities, print jobs of 6 + 2 color can be taken on. The 9 cutting machines can accommodate jobs to be Cold cut , Hot cut or Ultrasonically cut, while the labels can be finished as Straight cut, Center fold, End fold or Miter fold.

We have no minimum order quantity and an approximate daily capacity of 600,000 pieces for printing and 400,000 pieces for cutting means that no order is too small or too big.

Our Process

Our process is a diligently maintained systematic approach in delivering our core value proposition.
We constantly work on streamlining our operations to meet our clients expectations.

  • Artwork

  • Film / Plate

  • Printing

  • Cutting

  • Checking / Sorting

  • Delivery

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